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March Weight Loss Hypnosis Workshop

Marie Garbo Hypnosis 388 East Main St, Branford

You Deserve To Be The You, You Imagine You Could Be, The Easy Way! Hey,I know losing weight isn’t easy and feeling attractive with the extra pounds isn't either.
And It’s so discouraging to restrict your diet for long periods, lose the weight, only to gain it all back as soon as you go back to your old ways!


Lose Weight The Easy Way Seminar


The natural, easy, fast way to a new you! Hypnosis helps to reduce cravings, alleviate emotional eating,make healthier choices, help you to want to exercise more, have a positive body image, and stay motivated towards your goals. This seminar will combine a healthy nutrition plan and vitamin recommendations with a hypnosis for weight loss session. So join us, get comfy, and let's take those extra pounds off naturally. 100% guaranteed or repeat the session or get your money back! Works fast, no yo-yo dieting, no starving!