How To Use Hypnosis To Conquer The “I’ll believe it when I see It” Attitude

Seeing Is Believing

That’s a popular expression, right? To believe that something is real only once you see it in the physical world makes perfect sense. Why would anyone believe anything otherwise? 

So why not use this idiom as an advantage to get whatever we want in life, right?!  To help overcome our addictions, issues and fears, or even to manifest cool stuff like more money, success, love, better jobs… 

So if we practice “seeing it”  or visualizing it, let’s say with our minds eye, isn’t that just as good as seeing it with our actual eyes? Would it not help us to then believe it? 

Now suppose you were to add another dimension do it it while under hypnosis? Visualization under Hypnosis. Now that’s a winning combo for sure!

During a hypnosis session a Hypnotist is able to take visualization to a whole other level!  I use it often to help my clients do amazing changework. 

The mind likes to think in pictures, so once in a trance state, where the conscious, judgemental side of our brain is less active, and the subconscious is in a state of heightened suggestibility, We can guide our clients to form pictures using creative suggestions to imagine and visualize themselves, to see themselves, as already being the person they want to become, without their issues, already having achieved their goals…

 I will ask my hypnosis clients to visualize themselves at their perfect weight, or as the non-smoker they want to become, or as waking up from a restful night’s sleep finally, or talking in front of a large audience with confidence and excitement instead of fear, or getting their groove back after a horrific breakup …I’ll use metaphors too, and sometimes other hypnosis techniques too, and then ask them to add feeling to the visualization, and even smell and taste, as many senses as possible, as if it is happening right then, as if actually seeing it with their eyes. I know that if they can really see it vividly, they can believe it and they can be, do, or have, whatever they’re really wanting. 

You don’t need to be under deep hypnosis to create a different reality. Hypnosis is just a great tool that helps to zero in on your goals, like a laser instead of a lightbulb.

We are creating all the time. Everything was just a thought first. That’s why mindfulness is so important. Being in touch with what you’re thinking or focusing on is key because we manifest the crappy stuff too. 

For anyone who has goals they need a little extra help manifesting.. because maybe they don’t really believe they can, should try hypnosis.  It combined with coaching and other techniques can help you not only overcome bad habits, lessen and eliminate pain or anxiety, ease migraines… help with a myriad of health issues and unhealthy habits, but it’s also an amazing tool to use to manifest your dreams and desires, to empower you to do great things, to gain incredible confidence and so much more! I hope these words have inspired you. So have some fun and accomplish great things using the power of your mind!

How To Use Hypnosis To Conquer The “I’ll believe it when I see It” Attitude

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