We need to be very careful of how we are being hypnotized everyday! It’s really brainwashing because we didn’t give them permission to give us suggestions while we were in a trance state. You see when we’re watching TV, or driving, most often we are listening to the constant garbohypnosis.combarrage of fearful advertisements! Even songs and commentators! They’re trying to sell us drugs that we probably don’t need or convince us that we have some crazy disease, or the world is coming to an end…Billboards, radio,news,tv…The body achieves what the mind believes, so be careful what you allow in! The best way to combat all the subliminal negative programming is to counter it with positive affirmations. I have an affirmations recording which will help you reprogram your mind for success, and confidence, and health, and all those great things we all want! Don’t let fear run your life! The news is never going to tell us most people are good, that all is well or will be ok, so I don’t listen to it constantly. My modo is to speak what I want not what I fear and I do that by using auto suggestion and self-hypnosis daily.

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What Are You Allowing In?

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